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In one of my perfume listings, I am speaking of a vintage fragrance that may have aged but has not gone bad (very old perfumes can go bad, and you know it when they do). Here is a quote from my listing, context included for better comprehension.

...La boite est en bon état avec les bosses et les marques ici et là. Quelle trouvaille! Peut-etre un objet d'époque, mais le parfum n'est pas du tout mal. Garanti d'être authentique..."

Is this satisfactory? I want the item to seem palatable, but I can't guarantee that it is fresh, although this is a well-known classic perfume that hasn't been made in probably 25-35 years, so I am assuming (hoping) that people won't expect it to be fresh. It has not, however, gone altogether bad.
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    As it seems to be an advertisement, you have to be honest but you must keep something which could be attractive, so that I would suggest the following sentence: la boite est en bon état, avec seulement quelques marques ici ou là, mais le parfum est plutôt/assez bien conservé, garanti authentique.