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Hi all,

I'm working on a rather long text which is sociological/philosophical in nature and I am really struggling with a particular phrase.

The full context is:

"L’idée d’un système organique dans lequel la morale se définirait essentiellement à partir de liens affectifs et sociaux est étrangère à Charles Renouvier. Pour le fondateur du « nouveau criticisme » (ou « néo-criticisme »), il n’y a de devoirs que chez l’agent libre et raisonnable en tant qu’individu ou personne."

The part I'm stuck on is the second sentence, largely because I am unfamiliar with the work of Renouvier.

This is my attempt:

"For the founder of "new criticism" (or "neo-criticism"), only the free and reasonable agent has duties as an individual or person."

It sounds quite odd to me, but it could be because I'm not familiar with the topic. Either way, any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Merci en avance
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    In philosophy, a free agent is a person who may do as he wishes. The term does not indicate that the person must act morally, hence the addition of "reasonable", which does suggest this morality.

    "only the reasonable free agent has duties as an individual or person."
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