Ages you


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Hi everyone,

Does anybody know the meaning of these expressions (Ages you):

For instance:

Person B: Oh, no, you don't take it, do you?
Person A: No. You forget a little thing like that.
Person B: Yes.
Person A: You forget lots of little things, it seems.
Person B: Uh-huh.
Person A: Not sure about that.
Person B: Hmm? Ages you.
Person A: Just trying it out.
Person B: Well, it ages you.

Please in spanish and english.


  • levmac

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    British English
    Here it is abbreviated. It is: "It ages you".

    Te hace parecer (quizás aquí sentir) más viejo.


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    English, AE
    levmac está correcto.It could mean by appearance, or physically—
    EX: Smoking ages you in two ways; it takes years off of your life span, and it makes you look older.