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I am self-learning about data analytics lifecycle. In the "Analysis phase" slide, it says "What aggregates have you calculated?" No examples given in that material. I got confused by the use of the plural "aggregates" in the given context. Is it correct?
I know what aggregate means for example, sum, avg, etc
Has plural form got different meaning in the above?
Thank you!
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    "What aggregates have you calculated?"
    There is absolutely no context here. The book must have mentioned aggregates before, otherwise why does it ask the question? My understanding is that an aggregate is not an average; it is a sum, a total - an average is the aggregate divided by the number of units aggregated.


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    It could be technical language that includes all of that.

    In MySQL, which is a database system, an aggregate function is one of a class of functions that deals with data in groups, as opposed to individual records. So AVG (average) is included, as well as SUM, COUNT, etc. They all act on combined, i.e. aggregated, data.