agir contre son propre intérêt


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I am trying to say:

I think their plan would be like shooting themselves in the foot.

Is this OK:

Leur plan me semble comme agir contre leur propre intérêt

  • Littlmouse

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    Pas mal, juste quelques corrections : Je pense qu'avec ce plan, ils agissent contre leurs propres intérêts.
    Il existe aussi un équivalent à l'expression 'to shoot oneself in the foot'.
    Cela donne : je pense qu'avec ce plan ils se tirent une balle dans le pied.


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    I've just come across this thread and would like confirmation from native French speakers that 'se tirer une balle dans le pied' is an expression in French rather than simply a calque. I remember using this with French friends, who just looked at me blankly!

    Par ailleurs, if there's a moderator reading this. I think the title of this thread needs changing to 'shoot oneself in the foot'. The current thread title is actually espritcurieux's translation attempt.


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    Thanks for the confirmation, Itisi. If I recall, I did check it in a dictionary first. Perhaps it's just something I'm more familiar with than the person I was talking to!!
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