Agir dans l'ombre


Hey there!
I'm having trouble translating "agir dans l'ombre".
Would "working in the dark" do? I'd like to keep the idea of obscurity.
The context is that of politics, secrecy and not wanting the truth to be revealed.

Thanks a lot!
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    Hi CrazyDiamond,

    "Working in the dark" might be the right translation, but it also has an implication of not being entirely aware of what's going on yourself. If you're "in the dark" about something then you're not fully informed about it (if at all).

    Could you provide a whole sentence to work from? If you don't have one, "working in secrecy" or "keeping to the shadows" might fit your context.

    Hope that helps ;)


    Thanks for your answer!
    Here is the context: there is a confrontation between two men. One of them has done terrible things in the past, so the other tells him:
    "Tu aimes bien quand c'est tamisé toi, tu ne supporterais pas trop de lumière. C'est normal quand on travaille dans l'ombre!"

    So, what do you think?

    Thanks again!
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