aglomeración, lixiviación en pilas

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  1. Hi, can you guys help me with this contract about minning?? Im traslating from spanish to english...

    La Mina, que comprende una planta de tratamiento de óxidos de cobre para la producción de cátodos de cobre y las etapas de chancado, aglomeración, lixiviación en pilas, extracción por solventes y electro obtención, edificios auxiliares, así como toda la infraestructura asociada.

    my translation:

    The Mine, that has a copper oxides processing plant for the production of copper cathodes and the stages of crushing, AGLOMERACIONES, LIXIVIATION IN PILES, EXTRACTION BY SOLVENTS AND ELECTRO OBTAINING, auxiliary buildings, as well as all the involved infraestructure.

    if there is someone who knows about mining vocabulary and can help I would be really thankful.
    by the way this is vocabulary from Chile.

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    Extracción por solventes y electro obtención = SE/EW (Solvent Extraction – Electrowinning)
    Pilas de lixiviación = Leach pads
    Aglomeración = Agglomerating drums

    Espero te sirva de ayuda.
  3. thanks a lot, really helpful. :D

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