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Hello everybody,

I'm wondering if it's best to say "one year ago" or "one year earlier" regarding the "caption over" in films?

(exemple, the movie starts with a scene and then we have another scene that says: "London, 3 years ago/earlier/before").

Thank you in advance.
  • rhitagawr

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    British English
    Ago means counting from now. Today is 25/03/13. So a year ago was 25/03/12 or thereabouts. Earlier/before means that you count from some other point in time.
    Don't come before five because they'll be nobody here.
    He set up a dental practice in 1989. He'd graduated in dentistry a year earlier/before.
    Ago becomes earlier/before in reported speech. I lived in Glasgow a few years ago -> He said he'd lived in Glasgow a few years earlier.
    Earlier is the right word in film captions.
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