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Just can't get a good translation for this paragraph !! It's, again an art catalogue.

Y es que sus corrientes subterráneas, lo que en símil musical podríamos llamar el “bajo continuo” de su obra, aluden a la memoria cultural y a la singular manera que el hombre ha tejido lo que podríamos convenir en llamar tradición.

What is more, his subterranean currents, what we could call using a musical simile the “continuous bass” of his work, refer to cultural memory and to the peculiar way in which man has woven what we could agree on calling tradition.

Just don't know what happens, but to me the last part sounds really odd:eek:

Thanks for helping!
  • Bill Osler

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    I don't think I would say "continuous bass" in the translation. I suspect that the phrase “bajo continuo” should be 'translated' as "Basso continuo".

    I put 'translated' in quotes because "basso Continuo" obviously isn't English. I think it's Italian. In any case, it is a technical term from the world of music that is not usually translated into English. I would certainly expect something like an art catalog to use the technical form rather than trying to translate it.


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    Yes, It's italian... I already wrote "per se" and "tondi"...but as right now I'm just loosing my spanish, I don't know if that's quite clear for english people.

    Thanks Bill and Alacant, and have a nice day

    PD.: And yes, the catalogues are "farragosos" and dense;)


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    Wow, rough translation, but maybe this sounds better. My Spanish isn't the best, but I gave it an effort. Anyone else?

    And the thing is that his underground trends, that which by using musical simile we can call the "bajo continuo" of his works, refer to the cultural memory and the peculiar way that man has woven that which we can agree on calling "tradition".

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