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Sparus Aurata

Spanish, Spain
Dear collegaes,

Could anybody please help me to confirm the translation of this text:

In spanish:

"Estamos interesados en transmitir nuestros comentarios al abogado, de modo que acceda a enviarlos a la parte contraria."

My translation

"We are interested on transmitting our coments to the lawyer, thereby he agrees on sending it to the opposite part."

What do you think about the tense of the verb agree, it sounds right?

Thank you
  • jackaustralia

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    Australia English
    I would say 'We would like to pass on our comments to the lawyer so that he can send them to the opposing side/party.

    I am not 100% sure in general especially about 'comentarios.' Could you or someone explain what it means in a legal context? (Maybe this should be in the legal forum?)
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