agreement on the defense topline

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    Source: Public Should Be Able To See Democrats' Countermemo, Rep. Byrne Says

    BYRNE: Well, the only reason - others have forced us to live on a short-term resolution cycle is that we can't get an agreement with the Democrats on those parts of the government because they're holding those hostage to try to get an immigration deal. We've got an agreement on the defense topline. We put in the National Defense Authorization Act that passed both houses by huge bipartisan majorities.
    Hi everyone! How should I understand "topline"? Thanks in advance.
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    It appears to be total budget, in this case. In other cases (with businesses, for example), 'topline' (or 'top line' or 'top-line') would be total sales value or revenue, as opposed to 'bottom line' which would be profit (after expenditure had been deducted).

    It might be something of a misuse, and the speaker may be thinking of headline figure, with the breakdown listed below.

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