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    Buenas Tardes Amigos

    Tengo 4 preguntas por favor

    1) What is the correct command form of "Agregar" to use in the following sentence?
    "Agregar Ud. solo un poco de sal cuando crea que es necesario."

    2) Should the word "que" be used in the following sentence after the word "pronto"?
    "Tomelo tan pronto que note el primer sintoma."

    3) Is it appropriate to use the word "solia" in the following sentence? ("solia" is supposed to have an accent mark over the letter "i")>
    "Preste mucha atencion si no disfruta de cosas de las que solia distrutar".

    4) Is it appropriate to have the word "bien" in the following sentence?
    "Si bien los reisgos no son significativos, es posible que Ud. desee considerarlos."

    Muchas Gracias
  2. MariaVal Member

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  3. Or_lando Member

    1. Add a little salt only when you think it is necessary.

    3 and 4. I think the use of both words in that context is appropriate, but I´m not a native.
  4. david123 Senior Member

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    Thank you.
  5. Paul Wessen Senior Member

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    Your question #1 is obviously from a recipe, in which case it is normal to find the use of the Impersonal Imperative. So agregar (and any other action verb) would be correct in the infinitive form. However, you would need to drop the Ud. (since it is impersonal, right?)
  6. david123 Senior Member

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    Hi Paul
    thanks for your reply. I am looking for the Ud command form of agregar. In english the sentence reads as follows
    "Only use a little salt when you think it is necessary."

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