AgRg -- RE -- EDcl --DJe (Brazilian legal terms)


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In court citations we often see things like:

AgRg no RE nos EDcl no REsp no.1.301.820/RJ, Corte Especial, Rel. Min. Humberto Martins, DJe de 24/11/2016.

I notice that the "DJe" date seems to be just a few days later than the judgment (julgado) where both are given.

Any help with these abbreviations would be appreciated.
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    This is the kind of question that takes someone with practice in local court proceedings. I'm not Brazilian, so I can only guess. I think these may be the meanings:

    'AgRg'- 'agravo regimental' - a type of appeal in the Brazilian legal system used to appeal to the chamber (the trio of judges) from a decision of the judge rapporteur who refuses to receive another appeal.
    'RE'- 'recurso extraordinário'- a type of appeal to the Federal Supreme Court from a inferior court decision on the grounds of a breech of constitutional law.
    'EDcl'- 'embargos de declaração'- a request for a clarification of a obscure, contradictory or omissive decision from a judge
    'REsp'- 'recurso espacial' - an appeal from a state or regional federal court to the Superior Court of Justice
    'DJe'- possibly the date the file has been distributed. 'Distribuição' is the act of distributing the files (in this case the appeal) between the judges of the court
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