Ah, eso, tú hazte el digno.

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  1. CHovek Senior Member

    Husband: (El dinero)Es lo único que te importa.

    Wife: Ah,eso,tú hazte el digno.

    Does "hacerse" here mean "to become" or "to make oneself"? What is the exact equivalent of "hazte el digno".
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  2. Hella

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    "Hacerse el digno" is an expression used when someone has been discovered doing something wrong but still he tries not to admit it.

    Maybe this thread can be useful:
    hacerse el digno
  3. sound shift

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    I think we need more context. Has the woman been discovered doing something wrong? Why does she say "Es lo único que te importa"?
  4. Cenzontle

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    Hella's link makes the meaning clear: it's the "hacerse" that means "pretend to be", as in "hacerse el tonto", "to play dumb".
    But in that case, like this one, the expression is directed to a woman, and there it's "no te hagas la digna".
    Why is it "el digno" here, to the wife?
  5. aparraud

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    "Hacerse" mean to pretend, to simulate in this context.
  6. CHovek Senior Member

    You're right.I've changed it.
  7. CHovek Senior Member

    Your link made it clear.Thank you a lot.
  8. Magazine

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    Solo aclarar, Shift, que es el marido quien lo dice.

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