Ah orale..y ¿que aces [haces]--estudias, trabajas, o que ondas?

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  1. coffe hunk New Member

    aa orales..y que acess? estudias trabajas. o que ondas? what does it means? and what's the best answer for it in english?
  2. Anais Ninn

    Anais Ninn Senior Member

    London, UK
    "Que acess" seems like a typo for "Que haces?" which means "What do you do?" (or "What are you doing?" depending on the context.)

    Estudias? Trabajas? O que ondas? : Do you study? Do you work? Or what's up?

  3. kaoruca

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    Español - España
    I have no idea.
    ¿Qué haces?= what do you do?
    ¿Estudias o trabajas? = Do you study or work?
    ¿En qué andas /andas metido (very informal)?: What are you doing now?/ What are you involved now?
  4. Javier-Vega Senior Member

    Mexico espanol
    "aa orales"= ah, orale =ah, OK

    "y que acess?"= ¿y que haces? = and what do you do?

    "estudias trabajas. o que ondas?" = do you study, do you work, or what?

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