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Can anyone please tell me what 'a que coucou' means? I have found it in a text about Johnny Hallyday where it says:

Johnny a l'idée 'a que coucou'.

When I google just 'a que coucou' on its own I get a lot of things about Johnny Hallyday so I was wondering if it comes from one of his songs?

I would be grateful for any help as I'm completely stuck.

  • pingouin

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    'A que coucou' comes from "Les Guignols de l'info", an humoristic team entertaining the TV audience for more than twenty years on Canal + (French TV channel)

    In a sketch, Johnny Halliday's puppet is friendly joke at. He comes with a small, ordinary black box. The journalist's puppet asks 'what is this, Johnny?" and Johnny replies 'It's a a que coucou box'. The journalist says 'a que coucou' and an egg appears (like a clown), making a sound like an old clock (when the cuckoo gets out every hour).

    That's really all there is with this expression. :D


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    Please note that the actual spelling should read "Ah que coucou...".
    And, due to the actual character not to be mistaken for an intellectual, beginning any sentence with "Ah que" is a way of making sure no-one will be tempted - ever - to believe anything important is about to be said.

    As a side-note, the French "Guignols" used to be introduced as a much softer version of UK's "Spitting Image" show. But I would tend to consider this to be as legitimate as comparing barley water with vinegar!
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