Ah, right/Hmm/Okay/Yeah/I see

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  1. Tago_Mago New Member

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    I'm looking for an appropriate word in Spanish that you would say if someone is talking to you and you want to acknowledge that you're still listening/following what they are saying... for example in English I would say (Ah, right/Hmm/Okay/Yeah/I see). Can 'vale', for example, be used in this context? Native Spanish speakers, what would you say (in an informal situation)? Thanks.
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  2. SolAguila

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    I have heard Spaniards saying Vale / De acuerdo, in your context.
    Let's wait.
  3. Iniciativa Member

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    "Sí, sí", "de acuerdo", "ok", "vale" (used mainly by speakers from Spain, I would have to say), "ya ya" (I have a Mexican friend that says this as I speak. It sort of confirms that he gets what I'm saying, and understands.)

    Those are some pretty common uses to express "okay", and "alright" in Spanish. I'm not a native though. Let's wait for a native.
  4. machokrap Senior Member

    Spanish (Venezuela, Chile)
    Mumbling ajá (uh-hum) or something similar works in Spanish too.:)
    For "really?": ¿En serio?, ¿De verdad?
  5. Tago_Mago New Member

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    Thanks for the suggestions!
  6. Omada Senior Member

    Español, España
    "Ya" es también muy usada en España. También "claro" "ya veo" "entiendo". Las que me parecen más comunes son "si" "ya" y "hmm" para expresar que se sigue en contacto.
  7. saintcasper91 Senior Member

    English (UK)
    'Sí' or 'ya'

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