1. Cian Senior Member

    Canada, English
    What would be an equivalent Spanish expression for "Ah, well..."? In English, "ah well" is used for a lot of situations but predominantly things like a softer form of "too bad" or "so that's it".
  2. temujin

    temujin Senior Member

    Hamburg - Germany
    Norway / norwegian
    I´d say
    pues nada.

  3. mjscott Senior Member

    How about, "pues entonces"?
  4. Cian Senior Member

    Canada, English
    I realize I forgot to type my idea of what it might be as well-- pues bien. I think pues nada is more negative than I thought would be equivalent, but I may be wrong. Perhaps, the native speakers will comment at some point.
  5. temujin

    temujin Senior Member

    Hamburg - Germany
    Norway / norwegian
    I don´t think "pues nada" has such a negative meaning.(and I don´t think "pues bien" is used often, if ever) Maybe it would be easier to find the Spanish equivalent if you could give an example in English
  6. StarsAndSemblance

    StarsAndSemblance Member

    England ~ Inglaterra
    Britain ~ Learning Castellano
    I'd say 'pues nada' would be the nearest thing.

    'Ah well' has a vague negative connotation anyway.
  7. temujin

    temujin Senior Member

    Hamburg - Germany
    Norway / norwegian
    I don´t think you can use "pues entonces" as a standalone expression, i.e. unless you want to say something else after, like pues, entonces......bla bla bla . But then the meaning would be a different one.

    Where are all the spanish-speakers by the way.??
  8. Jessuki Senior Member

    Barcelona / Spanish, Catalan
    Hola, aquí hay una :p jeje Pero necesitaría algún contexto, porque sino, yo lo traduciría por 'ah, bueno..' (dicho con tono triste).
    El 'pues nada' sí que me suena bien, pero necesitaría un contexto para ver por donde van los tiros.

    ¿Podéis escribir alguna frase con 'too bad' también? (es que veo que Cian no está)
  9. cristóbal Senior Member


    Voy al despacho de mi profesor:

    -Can I talk to Professor So-and-So?
    (The secretary) -No, I'm sorry, he's not in right now, he's out for vacation, can I leave a message for him?
    -Ah well... No, it wasn't that important anyway.

    Yo suelo decir "that's too bad" más que solamente "too bad"
    -Are you going to the concert tonight?
    -No, I wanted to, but I can't because I have too much work to do.
    -Ah well, that's too bad. You're going to miss a great concert.
  10. cristóbal Senior Member

    Pero aquí tengo algo de que me acabo de dar cuenta...
    "Ah, well..." puede tener otro sentido, tanto como "So that's it..."

    Dos novios hablando:
    -I'm sorry, but I just can't continue like this, I have to leave you.
    -So that's it? You're just going to leave?


    en la oficina de Correos:
    -I have this package that I need to send to New York tonight... it's very urgent, can I send it now?
    -Well, Sir, we close in five minutes...
    -Yes, but, I don't have the package with me, can you wait for me to come back with the package...
    -Ah, well... in that case, no, you'll have to come back tomorrow, I'm sorry.
  11. Leopold

    Leopold Senior Member

    I'd translate like that, but i think that "Ah, well" is too wide. If you can give examples we could translate them.

  12. Artrella Banned


    We say "Ah, bueno...!" and with the same sense as you described.

    "I haven't brought the book you asked for... I left it at home"
    " Ah bueno!! now what are we going to do? We needed it to do the paper!"

    Bye, Cian! Art :) ;) :p
  13. Maeron Senior Member

    Mexico City
    Canada, English
    "Ni modo" (in Mexico):
  14. temujin

    temujin Senior Member

    Hamburg - Germany
    Norway / norwegian
    I´d say something like this
    "Así que no puedes venir hoy...pues nada...nos vemos otro dia entonces..."

  15. Pantaruxada Member

    Barcelona (Spanish, Catalan)
    ¿Podría servir "vaya" / "vaya por Dios"?

  16. cristóbal Senior Member

    Sí, creo que sí... los contextos en que he oído 'vaya', creo que sirve aquí. Aunque en mi opinión hay un matíz un poco diferente.

    "ah well" muestra un poco más de resignación o renuncia... mientras (para mí, y esto viene de un extranjero, entonces...) "vaya" demuestra un poco más de decepción.

    ¿o quizá no?

    O sea.. que para mí, vaya quería decir algo como "Well, that sucks."
  17. moctezuma New Member

    Mexico Spanish
    I would use que se le puede hacer
  18. Cian Senior Member

    Canada, English
    Here is an example in English:

    "I can't come and visit tonight because I've made other plans."

    "Ah, well... (pause pause) maybe another time."


    "So you have to go to work today? Ah, well..."

    I think I have heard people say "bueno" in that same tone of voice but it doesn't translate correct. I haven't heard people say "pues nada" but maybe my ears weren't tuned to it. And I had the impression that "vaya" was more negative as well.

    I think I just have to tune my ears and listen and see what I hear as I am certain there is that there is a similar "throw-away" expression which really means nothing but is a kind of comment on the situation. But perhaps the Spanish just have so many more little expressions that they use them interchangeably depending on the context...
  19. felixgata Senior Member

    España Castellano
    Buenos días,
    Ya sé que hace mucho tiempo de este hilo, pero lo he consultado y he pensado en otra posible traducción de "Ah, well" como "En fin".

    Dejo constancia por si alguien lo consulta en el futuro.


  20. aloofsocialite

    aloofsocialite Senior Member

    San Francisco / Oakland, CA
    English - USA (California)
    Coincido con tu propuesta felixgata. :)

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