Ahmadinejad hailed the closed ties between the two countries


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"Ahmadinejad granted a live interview with Venezuela's TV station, where he hailed the closed ties between the two countries".

The only word I am having trouble to think of a translation for is HAILED.

Please, I would really appreciate it if you could give me some ideas or suggestions, since none of the translations I've found would make sense here.

thank you so much in advance,

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    Según parece, este sentido de hail significa algo así como aclamar en público (el clásico ejemplo de "Hail to the king!"). Quizá te valga "alabó" o "ensalzó" (me gusta más esta opción), pero mejor espera a los nativos.



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    In this case "hail" is a synonym of "praise".

    This definition is from Meriam-Webster. hail: to greet with enthusiastic approval :acclaim

    It makes me think of a crowd of people welcoming to great accolades a royal dignitary or something along those lines. Although Ahmadinejad is not "welcoming" the ties in a literal sense, the author has taken a bit of artistic liberty and used the word "hail". Where did you find this article? The more I think about it, "hail" is quite a lofty way (una manera altiva o altanera) to say "praise".

    "Praise" could be "alabar", "ensalzar", "elogiar"...
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