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Ahmadinejad hailed the closed ties between the two countries

Discussion in 'Spanish-English Vocabulary / Vocabulario Español-Inglés' started by silvicrima, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. silvicrima

    silvicrima Senior Member

    Spanish, Spain

    "Ahmadinejad granted a live interview with Venezuela's TV station, where he hailed the closed ties between the two countries".

    The only word I am having trouble to think of a translation for is HAILED.

    Please, I would really appreciate it if you could give me some ideas or suggestions, since none of the translations I've found would make sense here.

    thank you so much in advance,

    S :)
  2. Csalrais

    Csalrais Senior Member

    Spanish - Spain
    Según parece, este sentido de hail significa algo así como aclamar en público (el clásico ejemplo de "Hail to the king!"). Quizá te valga "alabó" o "ensalzó" (me gusta más esta opción), pero mejor espera a los nativos.

  3. Roberto_Mendoza

    Roberto_Mendoza Senior Member

    Michoacán, México
    Spanish - México
    Creo que Csalrais tiene razón, "ensalzó" es una muy buena opcion.
  4. Botitas36

    Botitas36 Senior Member

    Hoboken, NJ
    In this case "hail" is a synonym of "praise".

    This definition is from Meriam-Webster. hail: to greet with enthusiastic approval :acclaim

    It makes me think of a crowd of people welcoming to great accolades a royal dignitary or something along those lines. Although Ahmadinejad is not "welcoming" the ties in a literal sense, the author has taken a bit of artistic liberty and used the word "hail". Where did you find this article? The more I think about it, "hail" is quite a lofty way (una manera altiva o altanera) to say "praise".

    "Praise" could be "alabar", "ensalzar", "elogiar"...
  5. not me Senior Member

    Sierra Morena, Andalucía
    English International
    "the closed ties" should read "CLOSE ties"
  6. silvicrima

    silvicrima Senior Member

    Spanish, Spain

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