Ahmed and its nicknames


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Hi everyone

Is there a cute form for Ahmed? How I can address a little boy, for example, or how a mum calls her son. I've heard something like Ahmoody but I'm not sure that's the right one

Thank you
  • In my experience, the most common nickname is حمّودة, pronounced ḥammūde (or ḥammūda).
    You may be right. I will say that I've never heard حمادة as a nickname at all. Perhaps there are regional differences with regard to how common or popular different nicknames are.
    I've often heard it this way:


    (I'm myself often called ميزو by my relatives :D).

    This may vary between people/areas/countries I guess.
    Of course, since these names share the same roots, I also think this same way but I just displayed the combinations I heard the most frequently though anyone is free to choose any of them.