Ahora sólo te queda enviar el número del móvil que recibirá la melodía...


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I was trying to get a new ringtone for my spanish mobile...and send a text message with the code of the ringtone to the number provided. This is what I got in return.....

Ahora solo te queda indicar el numero del movil que recibira la melodia. Escribelo y envialo al 5646.

What exactly does that mean please? :confused:
  • Something like:

    Now all that's left for you to do is to register the number of the mobile which is to receive the ringtone. Write it and send it to 5646.

    I.e. enter your number and send it 5646.
    oh, thanks Dave. I thought it meant that but it sounded too simple, as I thought if I sent the first request from my phone it would be ovious that I also want to receive it there.... thanks a lot.