Ahorra dinero con cada cocina


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What I am trying to say is : "Save money every time you cook"

My translation is: "Ahorra dinero con cada cocina"

I am not sure if this is confusing or not, I wanted to make sure it doesn't read as "save money with every kitchen". I am very open to suggestions if there is a better way to phrase it!

Thank you!
  • Jay Lang

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    Spanish (from Spain)

    I'm sorry but it sounds like "save money with every kitchen". We use "cocina" in various senses, but not in this one. You could say "Ahorra dinero cada vez que cocines", "Ahorra dinero en cada cocción" (it refers extrictily to the action of "cocer" that it's not exactly "cocinar", it's a type of "cocinar" , like "freir", "asar", ... maybe in your context you can use some of them), or, more general, "Ahorra dinero en cada comida".

    What are you talking about?



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    It's in reference to a clean cook stove that uses less firewood - this will be the headline on a flyer to advertise the stove.

    Thank you so much for the suggestions! I think I will probably use "ahorra dinero en cada comida" - it sounds the most clear to me.
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