Ahuecar el ala


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Hi everyone.

I've been wondering if there exists a phrase in English that corresponds to this expression used in Mexico. It is informal, slang, and used when you want a person to leave as soon as possible, to rush out.

"Ahuecando el ala, 'orle todos pa' fuera" : Out, everyone.

This expression would never be used in a formal conversation, proper of someone with low or non-existent education.

Many thanks in advance.
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    If you said it about yourself for example if the police arrived after a fight and you had no intention of talking to them; you might say I made myself scarce, I cleared off.


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    To a group: Everybody out!
    To a person: Get out! <— but this also can mean something like “no manches!” or “en serio?!” as in,

    “Did you hear that Sara is pregnant?” “Get out! She just broke up with Justin!”

    El sentido exacto depende en la inflexión y la conversación :D


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    Beat it
    English is a much more vulgar language than Spanish but I don't think it was always that way.
    I disagree. It was a Spaniard who proposed the vulgar translations, but I'd translate Ahuecar el ala without the profanity as beat it, get out or make yourself scarce. If some form of chingar had been included in the text, only then would I have added the "F" word.


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    Decir “ahuecando el ala” no es vulgar, pero puede ser vulgar cuando no se dice en broma, que es como debe ser. Es decir, como broma es bien recibido en cualquier círculo social. Pero si se dice seriamente, es terrible.

    Significa “váyanse yendo (ipso facto)”.


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    "Shove off" is perhaps a good option, as an informal (not literal) way to say "go away".