ai suru

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  • Anatoli

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    It means "to love". "Suru" (plain) or shimasu (polite) means literally "to do" but it's a common way to make verbs out of nouns, especially of Chinese origin (so called kango) - 愛 (ai - love). "Ai shite iru" or "ai shite imasu" would be a more appropriate form, though (continuous).



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    Correct me if I wrong but I think that If I say "Ai shitai" it would be more like "I want to make love " than "I want to love"
    But I am not sure, Natives help requested ^^!!


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    The verb ai-suru literally means "to love" but figuratively it can mean "to make love." Which of the meanings is more apparent depends on the context; just the same of the English verb, "to love."
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