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Hey there,
though I'm not English, I think this is the relevant section to post my question.

I want to find a proper description to my diploma thesis.
So far I've come up with this: Interactive Adaptive English Vocabulary Tuition /Assistance/ On A Mobile Device.
As I am an informatics student, I cannot say I am going to teach someone, I've just come up with a tool that might make tuition easier, a tool that is a teaching/tuition aid.
So I don't know what word to use there, would "assistance" or "support" suit?

Thank you !
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    As twenty-one foreros have previously viewed your post without comment, it seems that we could use more information. First of all, you're using "tuition" in an unusual sense to mean "teaching." The word is most often used today in AE to mean "payment for a course of instruction." "Interactive Adaptive English Vocabulary Assistance via Mobile Device" might be what you're looking for.


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    As an aside, in BE tuition = being taught and doesn't necessarily involve money.

    However, "Interactive Adaptive English Vocabulary Education/Learning/Acquisition via Mobile Device" ?


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    Thank you,
    well it is a program on a mobile phone that communicates with a server through the internet. It uses some adaptive methods to remember information about the User/Person to find out his language skills. E.g. the person reads an article and highlights words that he doesn't know. And the system will look up articles that contain those words so that the persion can see them in different context and learn how to use them.
    Does that make sense to you?
    It's basically mobile-learning domain, so learning would probably suit better I guess?


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    Yeah, the problem is I can't use word education, as I'm not studying how to educate people. I'm creating a program that will help apply an education method..
    So probably Interactive Adaptive English Vocabulary Education assistance via Mobile Device?
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