aid me achieve/ achieving my aspiration

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Here are the last three sentences in my application essay.

1. Shall I use "aid my achieve my aspiration" or "aid me achieving my aspiration"?
2. Am I use "companion in a correct way?

"I am very impressed by the Architecture and Lighting Design dual degree that offered by Parsons. Lighting is always a good companion to artist and architect; light is a magical medium and can create a strikingly beautiful atmosphere in a space. The program inspires me to aware the relationship between lighting and architecture. I believe the program will allow me to view architecture through multiple lenses and aid me achieve my aspiration."

Thank you so much!
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    I would say: ... and help me achieve my aspirations.

    Welcome to the forum. :) For multiple-choice questions -- which your first question is -- we ask that you provide your own thoughts before we answer, but since you're new and pretty close, I've offered a suggestion above. As for your second question, we limit threads to one question each to make it easier for people to search for answers in the future. You're welcome to post your second question in a new thread.

    Please have a look at our rules to get the most out of the forum ... and good luck with your studies.

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