aider à la décision

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    dans la phrase suivante:

    l'aespect messianique du projet est également crucial pour aider à la décision finale.

    Est-ce que une traduction directe de "décision finale" est correcte ?

    The "messianic" aspect is also very crucial to help in the final decision.
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    Hi fransua,

    'final decision' is certainly the translation of décision finale. However, you can't say very crucial - either something is crucial or it isn't, there are no degrees of crucial-ness. Also 'to help in' sounds odd - there's nothing grammatically wrong with it as far as I can see, it just doesn't sound quite right to me. If I were you, I would go for: 'The messianic aspect is also [or 'equally'] crucial to inform the final decision'.

    I hope that helps

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