aider à ma mort

Rex Rabbit

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I'm trying to figure out a passage in video recipe for mousse au chocolat.

The chef says, as he is about to mix the egg whites into the rest of the mousse (chocolat, butter and edd yolks): "On ne va pas aider à ma mort. On va prendre des blancs, commencer à les mélanger avec le reste du mélange."

I assume the expression "aider à ma mort" is figurative.
(If that is indeed what he's saying. I cannot figure out what else he could be saying.) So, what does it mean? "We won't waste time" or something along those lines?

Thanks in advance for suggestions!
  • Language Hound

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    I would understand it to mean:
    We're not going to hasten my death,
    a reference, I believe, to the fact that he's
    only using egg whites and not the yolks.
    Wait for other opinions, though. I may be wrong.


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    Could it be "On ne va pas y aller de main morte" ? In which case it would mean you have to do it really energetically.

    Rex Rabbit

    English - USA
    Thanks for all the replies!

    Sorry, the video is not online. He uses both the yolks and the whites in the recipe, and they're already mixed separately.

    So, maybe it's a shortened form of the expression "On ne va pas y aller de main morte" as suggested by Datadox and Langauge Hound. I did take a look at this thread.

    If it helps to confirm, earlier in the recipe he puts the butter and chocolate in the microwave to melt instead of using a bain-marie (which would take more time).
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