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I read "the US can help halt the worst effects of climate change" = "les Etats-Unis peuvent aider à arrêter les pires effets du changement climatiques"

but I always thought that to say for example " Je l'aide à construitre sa maison" , I had to say " I help him to build his house "

Is there " to" between ?

  • melu85

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    On peut dire les deux (help do something or help to do something), la deuxième forme est peut-être plus américaine.

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    "Je l'aide à construitre sa maison" = I'm helping him build his house.

    Est-ce correct, melu85?

    In AE or BE, many times you will not have à-verbe = to-verb. It depends on the sentence. I don't have a handy grammar rule to give you right now. Désolé.
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