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Hi everyone, i'm trying to figure out wether there is any difference between "l'ailette" and "la nageoire", and I found this sentence: l'Ailette est un organ de poissons de nager diversé en dorsale, la nageoire pectorale, et les ailette.

Does this mean that "l'ailette" is a general term and "les ailettes" is a specific term? On the other hand, is the word "la nageoire" could perfectly replace "l'ailette" in this sentence?

Thank you for your answering.
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    From Nageoire — Wikipédia
    Les céphalopodes[modifier | modifier le code]
    Le calmar commun possède deux nageoires latérales sur son manteau.
    Les nageoires, aussi appelées ailettes, contrairement aux autres animaux marins, ne sont pas la principale source de locomotion chez les céphalopodes à nageoires. Elles ne servent généralement que pour les déplacements lents, comme l'approche d'une proie.
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    According to CNRTL, ailette is a small wing
    Should this term apply to fish ( and this I could not find) I would say it's a small fin ( probably on the sides?)
    I also would like to mention that the sentence in French is riddled with errors


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    Finlets are small fins, generally behind the dorsal and anal fins (in bichirs, there are only finlets on the dorsal surface and no dorsal fin). In some fish such as tuna or sauries, they are rayless, non-retractable, and found between the last dorsal and/or anal fin and the caudal fin.
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