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  1. Chazz Senior Member


    How do you say I have bad aim? As in shooting or throwing something

  2. bazq Senior Member

    "אני עקום" (ani akum) = "I have a bad aim."

    This is colloquial though. I can't find any other way to say this idiom other than "I don't aim well/I'm bad at aiming/I'm not a sniper" etc.
  3. ystab Senior Member

    As bazq wrote, you can go for the simple rephrasing: אני לא יודע לכוון, אני מכוון גרוע, etc., but one more option I thought of was יש לי יד גרועה (lit. I have a lousy hand). This is more of a basketball slang.
  4. Chazz Senior Member

    Thanks. Whats the hebrew word for aim? כוון? As in יש לך כוון טוב? (Do you have good aim) for example
  5. arbelyoni Senior Member

    Also לא יודע לפגוע and לא יודע לזרוק (in basketball).
    In this sense you could translate aim as יכולת כיוון, but we wouldn't really say "יש לך יכולת כיוון טובה" - it sounds forced and technical - but אתה זורק/קולע/פוגע/צולף טוב, depending on context.

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