Aiming a bit high?


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according to this, "aiming a bot high" means overreacting?
I'm just not sure what it means.

You know what they say.
'The way to a man's heart is
through his stomach.'
-Don't you think that's aiming
a bit high?
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    This is a bit of a "dirty" joke.
    Speaker A is "aiming" at the man's "stomach" in order to reach or win his "heart."
    Speaker B is suggesting that instead of stomach, Speaker A should target an organ located below the stomach (and in fact, located below the waistline and between the legs...).

    In regular conversation, to "aim a bit (too) high" is to have excessively high or unrealistic aspirations or ambitions. So, the phrase is used with a double meaning in this case.

    Additionally, one could say that a third meaning is involved: "high" can be used to refer to something nobler or spiritual or intellectual, while "low" can be used to refer to baser, darker, more "natural" instincts or behaviors.


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    LOL! now I understand....
    I didn't thought it would be like that.
    Anyway, thanks for the help. I really appreciate that. :)
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