ainsi est le sage

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    french france

    I would like to translate "ainsi" in the following sentence:

    "Mâle à l'intérieur, femelle à l'extérieur,
    Ainsi est le sage"

    I tried: "Male inside, female outside,
    So is the sage"

    I thought that " ainsi" could also be translated by "such" here, but I"m not sure.
    In fact, I am looking for a general translation for "ainsi", that could be used in all cases.

    Can you tell me what you think?
  2. Enquiring Mind

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    Hello chien, your text looks formal and literary, so I would say: "such is the sage" or "thus is the sage".

    In response to your last comment, I don't think there is a single translation that could be used for "ainsi" in all contexts.
  3. guillaumedemanzac

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    context? i don't understand le sage in this context. Does it mean the perceived wisdom/the wise man or the sensible/accepted thing to do?
    I can think of a context where this would mean this is ... or thus is or even thus says. It could also mean that's the way it is or it has always been thus - meaning that the accepted wisdom is correct because it has been tested by many different examples over many generations.
  4. guillaumedemanzac

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    I have come back to this after a few days - because it puzzled me.
    I think you have to change the whole thing to get any real meaning in English.
    It looks like one of those philosophical conundrums beginning: Confucius says: .......
    So you would have to start with The wise man ..... or even A wise man ....

    And context is important - if it is a list of famous statements then it has to follow the style of the first one:

    e.g. A wise man keeps silent when he has nothing to say.
    A wise man has a hard male interior and a soft female exterior.

    or possibly: The wisdom of Solomon says that silence is golden so your speech must be precious.
    The wisdom of Solomon says be tough inside like a man but present/offer a soft and gentle face to the world like a woman.

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