ainsi fond, fond, fond

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  1. LeJeuneFlaneur Member

    Bonjours à tous,

    Could anyone provide me with some information regarding the following French song from the French comic Gaston Lagaffe...

    Gaston is playing with the office heating, as he wants to make some toast using a really hot radiator. Everyone is over heating and the following is sang by one of Gaston's colleagues:

    (*singing*) "Ainsi fond, fond, fond, la petite rédaction..."

    Where does this song come from?
    Is there an English equivalent?

    I'm a little lost...

    Merci :)
  2. Benoît abroad

    Benoît abroad Senior Member

    East of Belgium
    Français, France

    Actually it's a pun with a famous song called "Ainsi font font font les petites marionnettes" (Rise your hands and turn left and right).

    Here "font" ("faire" verb) is replaced by "fond" ("fondre" verb)
  3. LeJeuneFlaneur Member


    Mais pour la traduction... ca va être hard!
    D'ailleurs c'est la première fois que j'ai vu cette chanson...

    Est ce que vous avez entendu qqch qui pourrait passé en anglais?

    Merci beaucoup,
  4. archijacq Senior Member

    french France
    kindle, kindle little staff ?
    (sur: twinkle twinkle little star)
  5. calembourde

    calembourde Senior Member

    Genève, Suisse
    New Zealand, English
    I don't know the song that Benoît Abroad is referring to, but his description reminds me of the hokey tokey. I wonder if we could make up some alternate lyrics for that song with a similar pun. I can't think of anything right now though. Something like, 'you do the roasty toasty and you burn the ground, that's what it's all about' only better. :eek:

    edit: hehehe I like archijacq's one
  6. LeJeuneFlaneur Member

    Excellent - thanks calembourde!!!

    I really like you suggestion - and it made me laugh! It is ver much the sort of thing Gaston would say :)

    Thank you Benoît abroad - I will give the song a listen...

    I really appreciate the help both of you have given me...

    Merci milllllllllle fois


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