ain't got no style

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The following sentence is cited from a lyric:
Ain't got no cash, ain't got no style, ain't got no girl to make you smile.
What does "ain't got no style" mean?
  • Soob

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    Style might reference to i.e. the way of rapping or way of dressing as well :)
    For example:
    You and your friend are freestyling and you want to dishonor him so you can say "you ain't got no style man, you can't beat me" :)


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    American English
    Here's our dictionary's take on style: noun 5. elegance or refinement of manners, dress, etc.

    Having said that, style will be different for different groups of people, but might include physical bearing (carriage), dress, movement, speech, possessions, education or at least knowledge, attitude toward others, etc.


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    I thought you all knew the famous lyrics ;) It's from the song "Don't worry, be happy" :)

    << The author: Bobby McFerrin.>>
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