<Ain't no way in hell> Ima fail


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Hello. Could you please help me understand the construction of "ain't no way in hell"? It's from a song. It seems that it means "there is no way in hell" but what does that mean? It's impossible in hell that I'm going to fail? Thank you.

8Ball & MJG - Comin' Up
Ain't no way in hell Ima fail while I'm coming up
8Ball & MJG – Comin' Up Lyrics | Genius Lyrics
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    As Elroy says above.


    "There's no way in hell I would give him my money" = "I will absolutely NOT give him my money".

    "There's no way in hell he would be able to climb that mountain" = "It's impossible for him to climb that mountain".

    "No way in hell did he buy that car" = "It's total nonsense to say he bought that car".

    It's always negative, never used as a positive.
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