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plz i wanna no know the meaning of "ain't no way".. and "ain't no how" it's in shania twain song " forever and for always"
i wanna know the meaning of the song does it mean she will leave him & there's no way or she won't ??? wanna quick reply please
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    Welcome to the forum. :)

    You really need to read our rules -- we use appropriate capitalization and no chatspeak, so "Please" for "plz" and "want to" for "wanna" and "Shania Twain song "Forever And For Always" as the source.

    You may quote up to four lines of song lyrics so that we have some context. And later, when you have more posts, you can put in a link to the complete lyrics, like this.

    And there ain't no way--
    I'm lettin' you go now
    [First line repeated]
    and there ain't no how
    I'll never see that day....

    There ain't no way, and there ain't no how basically means there isn't any way that [I'm letting you go].

    No way, no how -- by itself -- is an exaggerated way of saying No in American English (and perhaps British English, but I don't know).

    Do you want to come to to Jack's party with me?
    Do I want to party with the guy who stole my girlfriend? No way, no how!

    Now please do me a favor and read our rules. Thank you. :)
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