ain't nobody that PG!


It would be appreciated if any of you could help me understand the last sentence of the following.

I read an article about Keke Palmer. She said in an interview, "Nickelodean, Disney Channel - those are corporations. ...Not only when you work with them are you working on their show, but you are working with their brand so you become that identity in which they want you to be. ...There's rules and regulations and so they pigeonhole you when the reality is, ain't nobody that PG!"

I don't understand the latter part of the last sentence at all, "when the reality is, ain,t nobody that PG!"
Why are there two verbs, 'is' and 'ain't'?
What does PG mean here?
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    I think PG refers to how films are classified. PG in most systems refers to films where no lower age limits are imposed, but 'parental guidance' might be necessary. If this is correct, the meaning is that the material produced by those corporations fit into the PG category. Keke Palmer is saying that there is nobody that keeps to the limits of a PG 'lifestyle'. She uses a truncated clause: ain't nobody that PG = (there) isn't anybody (who is) that PG.
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