Ain't nothing to it but to do it.


Hi all,

I have a question regarding this sentence : "Ain't nothing to it but to do it".

The context is the following: a man is watching his wife doing muscular exercises, like using dumbell, stuff like that. So he says this phrase, which is apparently a sarcastic comment on his wife. I would guess it means "It's useless to do it, but you do it anyway". Can you explain to me what you think this could mean?

Thank you very much for your help!

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    (bodybuilding): Statement of the raw simplicity of a task, implying that all it takes is hard, not necessarily intelligent, work and effort.

    C'est pas compliqué, y'a qu'à se bouger.


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    It does not mean that it is useless activity.

    It means that she has to actually do it and keep doing it in order to get the benefit - it needs nothing more than dedication - the hardest thing to achieve.


    Confirming lorelord. In this context "Ain't nothing to it" does not mean "it is easy." Rather, "Ain't nothing to it but..."means "It doesn't require anything except..." I.e., all you need to do is to (make the commitment to) actually do it.


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    Et pour le traduire, il y a le "C'est pas compliqué, y'a qu'à se bouger." d'archijacq, mais je proposerais "C'est pas grand'chose, y a qu'à le faire !".


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    It's also a song lyric. Popularized in the musical "Damn Yankees" (1958) in the song: "you gotta have heart"
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