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Hello, I'm looking for an appropriate translation for the expression "air handler." I understand it's a unit for the handling of air-conditioning and forced-air ventilation, but am having trouble to find the correct expression in Spanish. I'm currently translating it as "unidad de aire acondicionado/ventilación".

Thanks in advance.
  • Ritoha

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    In Br.Eng. they are known as "air handling units".Normally mounted in the roof void, taking in air through a base grille(from the room to be temp. maintained) and distributing the cooled air out through ductwork into the area to be cooled.These are normally very large units with an integral evaporator and large diameter centrifugal fan,not to be confused with ducted air conditioning systems.
    I have no idea if their is a precise Spanish term, i just use "unidad de manejo del aire".
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