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Hi, how are you doing guys? I have to translate a chapter of FAy Weldon, "Weekend" and I couldn´t find "airing basket" in the dictionary, I imagine what they mean with airing but i wonder if there is a specific word in Spanish for that, I don´t know ho to translate it! Can anybody help me please?

My second question refers to the following sentence: Three hours´drive back on Sunday nights. The pleasures of greenery and guests in between. They reckoned themselves fortunate... The translation could be sth like: tres horas de viaje de vuelta los domingos por la noche. Los placeres del paisaje verde y los invitados... The problem I have it´s with "in between" i have no idea what it refers about!

Muchisimas gracias a todos y un beso fuerte.
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    Hi, excuse me for answering in English, but you probably wouldn't understand my spanish! I think the in between refers to the idea that they loved being in the countryside, and that being (or having) guests was like an interval / punctuation mark during that time.
    I can't say that I've ever heard of an airing basket, only an airing cupboard: it's a warm place where you put clothes to dry off properly after ironing them, or before putting them back into your wardrobe. So I guess that a basket would do the trick!
    Hope this helps!
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