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Tel que ce bien existe avec ses aisances, parties attenantes et dependences, et les droits de toute nature qui y sont attachés, sans exception ni réserve, et tel qu’il sera dénommé dans le cours de l’acte “l’immeuble.”

Such as these goods exist with all features, adjacent sections and other facilities, and all rights attached to it, without reservation, and such as it will be called “real estate” in the deed.

What is the meaning of "aisances" in this phrase from a contract? Prosperity doesn't seem to make sense. Thanks for any input!
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    In a contract, the "aisances" include all the elements which are necessary for the comfort of the owner. For example "un chemin d'aisance" is the right to have access to the owner's house by an adequate passage.

    Hence the phrase "fosse d'aisances" (closet, toilets), which, in the past, represented a comfort which did not exist in every house.


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    Since we are talking about "This property, with ... shall henceforth be called "the building" throughout this document", I suspect that "aisances" = "easements", of which "un chemin d'aisance" might be one, various derogations from the building code (height, area, etc.) others; in short, all the rights, by customary usage or by official act, that the previous owner enjoyed shall be conveyed to the new owner.