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I was just wondering how (and if) you could use the Japanese aishiteru in conjunction with someones name. Could "I Love You _name_" be said as "Aishiteru _name_"?

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    Yes you can use aishiteru with a name by placing Name + wo (object marker) + aishiteru. Actually aishitemasu sounds nicer. Aishiteru and aishitemasu mean the same thing but it's politer when it ends with masu. "ru" works better in response, or when something is said spontaneously. Both ways are correct
    愛してます。= aishitemasu
    愛してる。= aishiteru
    グースを愛してます。 = goose wo aishitemasu
    A more complete way of saying it:
    私はグースをあいしてます。=Watashi wa goose wo aishitemasu.
    The "watashi wa" means "I (subject). It isn't necessary to say because the subject is implied, and if you're the speaker then it's best left off.