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    I was wondering whether the words 'akárhol' and 'bárhol' were interchangeable, or if there was a difference in connotation and usage.

    Köszönöm a segítségért! :)
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    Hello Nghi2 and welcome to our forum!:)

    Francis is right, mostly, they are interchangeable in their basic meaning but it is possible to find cases when they couldn't be. (Your question is a bit different from that in the link given above.)

    In the following sentence, for instance, you couldn't use bárhol - that sentence exists only with akárhol:
    Vigyázz, nem akárhol vagyunk! (Example from: Magyar Értelmező Szótár) = Careful, we are not just in any old place! (= This is a place where you cannot behave in any way you fancy.)

    And there may well be an example for the opposite, a sentence that only works with bárhol and not or not in the same meaning with akárhol.
    However, it is not easy to think of one.
    If you gave a specific sentence, we may be able to help further.
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    Tényleg :) ... Pedig akárhogy (bárhogy) is törtem a fejem, nem jutott eszembe példa a különboző használatra. Érdekes volna megfogalmazni valahogy ezt a különbséget ...

    P.S. Bárhogy de nem akárhogy, talán itt is van némi különbség ...
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    Már láttam azt a 'thread'-t, de az a 'thread' teljesen magyar - és nem jól ismerem a magyar nyelvet.

    There's nothing specific that I needed to be able to say, I just wanted to know if there was a difference, since I usually only see 'bárhol', and only recently came across 'akárhol'.

    Köszönöm nagyon szépen a fogadtatásért és a magyarázatért!
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