Akai hana tunde anohito ni age yo.

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Hello. I need to translate this japanese song to English or Spanish.
Could you help me?
It's a beautiful traditional song called Akai hana.

Akai hana tunde a no hi toni age yo.A no hi to no kami ni kono hana sashite a ge yo.Akai hana akai hana a no hi tono kami ni sa i te yu re rudaro o hi sama no yo ni

Thank you
  • Flaminius

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    Hello Liah1,

    First of all, welcome to the WordReference forums! This is a wonderful place to learn about and discuss languages, and I'm sure you will come to enjoy it as much as I do. :)

    Second, the portion you quoted from Akai Hana Shiroi Hana (The author/composer is extant; by no means a traditional song) is rather imprecisely transcribed. The following is my suggestion for transcription:
    Akai hana tsunde ano hito-ni ageyo.
    Ano hito-no kami-ni kono hana sashite ageyo.
    Akai hana, akai hana, ano hito-no kami-ni,
    saite yureru darō ohisama-no yōni.
    Here is a very wooden translation:
    I'll pluck the red flower and give it to her.
    I'll put this flower to her hair.
    Red flower, red flower, on her hair
    will it bloom and swing like the sun.


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    Thank you so much, Flaminius!
    The translation is perfect. I will correct the mistakes in the transcription of the lyrics. I couldn't find the word "tunde" in the dictionaries. Now, I know the reason. The verb tsumu! Thank you again.
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