al amparo de los fogones conventuales y del arraigo popular

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    Extremadura participa también de estos caracteres en una muestra en la que destacan los productos y platos derivados del cerdo ibérico. Calderetas y cochifritos, escabeches fríos, verduras silvestres (setas, cardillos, puerros) y una gran variedad de quesos artesanos al amparo de los fogones conventuales y del arraigo popular.

    Extremadura has a similar offering, and its range of cuisine mainly features products and dishes derived from the Iberian pig. Calderetas (stews) and cochifritos (sautéed lamb), cold pickles, wild vegetables (mushrooms, golden thistle, leeks) and a wide variety of artisan cheeses are protected by convent kitchens and have become locally rooted.

    ????! Don't really understand what it's trying to say here. Very grateful for any help!
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    Hi Rose2001!
    I think it means that you'll be shelterd by:)confused:) the convent fireplaces and the local traditions, while enjoyng the Iberian pig.:)a m
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    Thanks for your input, Malta. :) I appreciate the help.

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