al di là dei tradimenti degli uomini

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Lyberty, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Lyberty Senior Member

    Hello, everybody

    These lines are from a song Rotolando Verso Sud by a band Negrita:
    La dignità degli elementi
    la libertà della poesia,
    al di là dei tradimenti degli uomini
    è magia, è magia, è magia...

    My question is about the line al di là dei tradimenti degli uomini.
    Could it be that al di là is actually aldila'?
    I checked the lyrics on two sites, and in both it is written separately, but then I don't undestand the meaning.
    If its not aldila', then what does it mean?

    Thank you
  2. lamicoimmaginario Senior Member

    I can confirm that it has to be spelled separately, though even a lot of Italians write it aldilà.

    The first meaning of Al di là is beyond. You can see, then, how aldilà means "something beyond (corporeal life, or physical horizon, or whatever else)". So aldilà means the aeternal life, or the next world; it depends, as usual, on the context.

    Anyway, in many cases, (I'm not sure in this one, because I don't know the text), al di là can mean Let aside.

    Eg: Al di là del costo, non comprerei mai questa casa!
    Let aside the price, I'd never buy this house!
  3. tomzenith

    tomzenith Senior Member

    English - Britain
    It's more often said as 'let alone': 'I'd never buy this house, let alone at that price'.
  4. Lyberty Senior Member

    But in the context of the song I think its beyond

    Thank you!!
  5. london calling Senior Member

    I'd translate it as let alone :)) Tom)/ apart from/leaving to one side, meaning "forget (about)"/"don't think about"/"don't take ......into account":

    Forget the betrayal of men....

    I don't remember the lyrics, although I've heard the song: are we talking about betrayal in a relationship? Or is it a more "philosophical" kind of betrayal?

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