al frente de (as directing)

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  1. termes Senior Member

    XX y ZZ que el año pasado cumplieron 10 años de trayectoria al frente del Nuevo Ballet Español como directores y coreógrafos....

    XX and ZZ, who last year celebrated 10 years together directing the New Spanish Ballet as directors and choreographers....

    I don't want to repeat the verb direct here, what other verb can I use with the same meaning?
    Thanks a lot
  2. Jazztronik Senior Member

    Spanish, Spain
    Yo creo que estaría bien usar "leading":

    XX and ZZ, who last year had been leading the Nuevo Ballet Español for 10 years as directors and choreographers...
  3. termes Senior Member

    Gracias Jazztronik!!! Y también estoy de acuerdo en no traducir Nuevo Ballet Español.

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