Al hilo de este caso

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    I am having a real difficulty in translating this phrase, in particular "al hilo de este caso:
    Considérese, al hilo de este caso, la apuesta de estas personas.

    Does it mean something like "at the bottom of this case?"

    Muchas gracias
  2. elirlandes

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    in the context of this case...

    literally "in the thread of", or closer to something that works in English, "following the thread of this case"
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    al hilo de has the sense of follow, following: birds that fly according to the way the wind is blowing: as the wind blows; al hilo: follow the grain of the wood, cloth, etc.; following the thread of a story. With so little context, I guess that it is "la apuesta" that determines the "al hilo," which phrase is usually adverbial. (Think of Theseus finding his way out of the labyrinth by following the thread back to the start.)
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  4. EISION59 Member

    Hi, WR-fellows.

    I would say that "al hilo de" is said when the person who's talking or writing, wants to talk or write about a new subject that is somehow linked to the speech or the text he or she is woking out and it is brought to his or her mind at that very instant.

    I hope it works!

  5. spanishtoenglish Senior Member

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    so then it would be something like: "Along the same lines . . ."

  6. donbeto

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    That sounds good.

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