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Hi! I'm really stuck with the first part of this sentence:

Al igual que sucedió con Pepe, en el caso de Antonio fue precisa la fortaleza interna para soportar la soledad durante años y defender sus convicciones contra viento y marea, cuando todos (en especial las voces más autorizadas de su tiempo) le decían, con ferocidad o risotadas, que estaba equivocado.

My try:
As was the case with Pepe [OR Just like/as what happened to Pepe], in Antonio’s case an inner strength was needed to endure the years of loneliness and defend his convictions against all odds, when everyone (especially the most authoritative voices of his time) would tell him, with ferocity or guffaws, that he was mistaken.

I don´t want to repeat "case" and think that if I'd had to change one it would be the frst one.

Thanks for your time!
  • mrgshelton

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    Hi, Klimtissa...
    You're right on top of a "best rendering" of the phrase. I like "just like what happened to Pepe..." But my suggestion would actually be to avoid its rather colloquial sound and keep with the higher register of the paragraph saying, "exactly like what happened to Pepe..." The difference is subtle, conveys the original meaning and remains in the same tone it's found in. I hope this helps.


    Spanish - Spain / English - UK
    Hi mrgshelton, thanks so much for your suggestion! It's incredible what a difference one word can make. :)
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